Folding Styles

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Vintage Working Paper Mill

We offer various folding options for your Takeaway Menu's. Below are some of the most popular but if you have your own contact us and we will be happy to provide it.

Half Fold

half-fold menu

The Half fold style is self explanatory, folded in half, producing 4 panels (pages),




Roll Fold

roll-fold menu

The Roll fold style, also known as Letter fold or C-fold menu's are folded twice producing a final size DL (210nn x 99nn). This provides 6 panela (6 pages). The right side folds into the left and the left side folds to the right which becomes the front panel. This fold style is commonly know as a Tri-fold Menu suggesting there is 3 folds when actually there is only 2. The "Tri" meaning there is 3 panels, 6 in total including the front and reverse sides.

'Z' Fold

Z-fold menu

The 'Z' fold style is folded twice into a 'Z' design, producing a final DL size (210mm x 99mm) where the right side is folded downwards and the left side folded upwards providing a 6 panel (6 page) Menu. This style is available on all our Menu's.




accordian-fold menu

The Concertina, or Accordion folded Menu is the same principal as the 'Z' fold style, but has an additional fold. 3 folds providing 4 panels, 8 including the reverse. This style can be used with all of our range of Menu's but mainly one type, the A4+ (extended) 420mm x 210mm.


Parallel Fold


The Inside fold or double parallel fold is usually used with the A4+ (extended) Menu format. Here the menu is folded in half and half again.



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